Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finished bodies

Here are the finished bodies for Dr. Klock. He wanted one formal body and another more casual body for the head he has.

He sent us the measurements for his body and we drew them up on CAD and developed the body from there. Fully padded for a comfort fit.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Custom Padded Body

Dr. Larry Klock, of Spokane, WA, needed a replacement body for an existing ventriloquist puppet. He requested that we make two custom bodies to replace a damaged body.

Dr. Klock completed our form to specify the specific sizes needed and submitted it for a bid. He listed options for the bodies. He requested a fully padded body along with arms, legs and fully clothed bodies.

Here is the basic padded body that meets his specific custom size. Check back to see the final product.

For more information on custom bodies including the form that you can download, go to

Friday, March 21, 2008

Simon - before and after

Rob Man sent these photos and the following message after upgrading his Simon Sez.

With my last order, I got an invitation to send you some pictures of my project. This was basically the cleaning and updating of a 70's Horsman Simon Sez ventriloquist doll, not as dramatic as some of the other projects I've seen on your site.   One unseen change was replacing his rubber band with the metal spring I received from you.  Simon was made with semi-pro features, so he didn't really need an upgrade in that regard.  I used some craft paint formulated specifically for plastics to retouch Simon's hair. (His 'do looks better than when he was new.)   Your great clothes finished Simon's makeover quite nicely.  I'm quite happy with the way he turned out.  From a doll of the 70's, Mr. Sez is now a 21st century guy.  I did keep his old clothes for historical reasons, but they were a bit too worn out, (not to mention outdated) for everyday use.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Simple Sight Eyes offer many features

Simple Sight eyes is a new design that is both economical and easy to install. A 2-part system, formed out of styrene offers many benefits from the standard "wood ball" version of eyes. Each kit is sold with your choice of iris color (blue, green, amber). General instructions included and ideas on different ways to synchronize the eyes.

Advantages include:
-Lightweight design
-No painting needed
-No scratching of paint during installation
-Ability to use in a "floating eye" design
-Option for "paint-on" or "glue-on" iris or standard acrylic iris installation
-You can use with blinker kits (No protruding screw head on top)
-Use as a protective cover for traditional eye during painting or installation
-Lower cost compared to standard wood ball eyes

We now offer the eyes in 3 sizes. 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" diameter eyes. For more information go to

Upgraded Charlie from Australia

Here is a photo from Michael Fox of Australia. Michael purchased our control stick and our new 1 1/4" simple sight eyes for another project.

Michael says"you can probably tell from the pic, I’ve got a Charlie conversion and I’ve just taken the basic body, removed the stuffing and shortened the arms and legs. This way, when I need a quick impromptu puppet, he’s lightweight, fits in a small bag and is on standby."

Michael is a stand up comedian, ventriloquist and magician. His web site is

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New colors added to clothes line

Due to many comments from our customers, we have added more colors to our ventriloquist puppet clothes line. New additions include, green, pink, plum, salmon and camo. You can view the new colors at