Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fixing Mickey

Due to an increasing busy schedule, we rarely take on repairs. Since this was from a current customer, we decided to work on repairing Mickey Mouse. 

I wanted to show you the control stick of Mickey. This control stick is one of many variations but is found on Mickey Mouse and Tommy Talker dolls. When you pull the controller, the internal lever hits the back of the mouth causing it to open.  A
 simple design that works relatively well.  The downside is it tends to be a little noisy and the spring action is a rubber band. 

We replaced the rubber band with a spring and added some padding to help reduce the noise.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Success in Sweden

Anelli Gustafsson of Sweden writes us after purchasing some parts from us.

Do you remember me, your Swedish customer? I am very pleased to report that my dummy now has come to life. The work has been fantastic; lots of thinking and several hours of studying pictures on the Internet. It´s been a great help looking at the Fred project, for example. There is only one problem; I can´t come up with a suitable name.

Since I am very proud of my "baby", I thought I should send you a picture (see file). He can (of course) move his mouth and also look sideways and blink -or at least "flirt". Thank you very much for the great dummy parts
and also for your advice. I will most certainly be back!

Best regards,
Anneli Gustafsson

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Discontinuing Carol

We will be discontinuing the Carol Channing Semi-pro doll as soon as we sell out of our remaining inventory.

Unfortunately, Carol is the only female doll we currently retrofit but her low demand and poor design is has made us decide not to continue this model.