Wednesday, March 4, 2009

EBAY - A necessary evil

For those of you that sell on EBAY, have you looked at your bill lately?

The exposure and business you get from EBAY makes it nearly impossible not to use this forum for selling your items. However, the fees have increased so much that the only one that seems to make money is EBAY and its sister company PayPal.

On a $100 item, $7 goes to Paypal and around $10 goes to EBAY. If you raise your handling fees you get market down by buyers on your freight charges. If you raise pricing, you may not sell your item and EBAY takes more money from you.

EBAY recently changed its policy. EBAY will not allow sellers to give buyers a negative feedback. As a result, we are having a record number of non payers. We have seen more non-payers in the last 3 months than we have seen since we started selling on EBAY for over 8 years. Yes, the non paying buyer gets a non-paying strike, but sellers do not see this information. It is barely a "slap on the hand". You can request immediate payment to help reduce non payers, but this is only good on "Buy it now" sales and not on auctions.

Fortunately, our sales on our web site seem to increase every month. But for now, the volume remains on EBAY. What will we do? Well, we will continue to sell on EBAY and hopefully Ebay will make some improvements to help sellers continue to sell on their site.