Saturday, February 27, 2010

Montana Dan: Making headway with our heads

Dan Leighly aka "Montana Dan" has made a couple of characters using some of our heads from the Kenny Croes Collection.
The first character was made from the Uncle Earl head and the second from our Cheeky Boy head.

Dan also lists on his blog site the steps he took to make the character from Cheeky. You can visit his blog at

Improved 3T hands

We now have for sale our improved 3T hands. Before the hands were made out of vinyl. Even though they were hollow, they were heavier than I liked and people had difficulty painting them.

We now cast these hands in urethane. Much lighter, sandable and easier to paint.

The best news is that the price has dropped as well. Go to our website to buy at

Winkle completed

Mr. Winkle is now completed. Another head from the Kenny Croes Collection.

Like the others, lightweight hollow cast head from urethane. Easy to sand and easy to paint.

What is different about Winkle is that he will not be sold at this time. Kenny is going to use him for his personal collection.