Sunday, March 14, 2010

Changing Times

Braylu will be making some significant changes this year. We are planning on reducing and eliminating many items to allow focus on other areas. It is not an easy task to identify what to cut out of the product mix but we are in the process of re-evaluating every product.

Some positive changes will come from it including re-designing some of our items. For an example, the 3T body inserts will now have a wider base. We have re-designed the blinker shells to allow for more room for wire mechanics. And we are in the process of expanding our line of heads to include head sizes for 38"-45" size dummies.

Earlier this year we discontinued our line of puppets and our retrofitting services. Next, we will be discontinuing our line of clothes. We will be phasing out the clothes hopefully over the next 6 months.

Other changes under consideration is reducing sales through Ebay and limiting other parts.

We will update you on future changes.