Sunday, October 28, 2012

I hear ya

We have had a few builders ask us if we have any ears for our standard 2T head or our armature 2T head. Well, thanks to your request, we now have some ears for sale on our website.

Here are the details

Lightweight, urethane cast ears. Perfect for our 2T size heads or similar heads that you are sculpting. Replace an existing ear or add tot our standard 2T or armature 2T head while creating your own character. The color is white so they can be painted to with latex or acrylic paint.No mechanics or instructions are included. See FAQ's for tips or reference sites.

TOP WIDTH: 1.25 in
BOTTOM WIDTH: ~ 0.75 in

USE WITH THE FOLLOWING OTHER ACCESSORIES:HEADS: 2T (Perfect for standard 2T or armature 2T heads) 

COLOR: White

Apply with glue or epoxy clay.

Chatting with the builders

One of my favorite things to do is to have a conversation with some of the figure makers that are using our parts. In almost every conversation, new ideas are discussed. Brainstorming, sketching and emailing back and forth leads to CAD designs, prototypes and final products.

Over the years, these conversations have resulted in many of the products we currently sell today. These conversations have resulted in numerous improvements to our products as well. Some of the ideas and products turn out to be big hit and others die a slow life.

Many times, when a builder has an idea, we already have the part developed. We have hundreds of designs, patterns and items in our archives. They include leg designs, body inserts, heads, and mechanical head parts to name a few. They are unaware of this because we do not list it on our site for sale for one reason or another.

We have discussed some of these ideas in the past on our blog or Facebook page. We hope to post more of these ideas or parts in the future.

Most importantly, drop us an email. Let's discuss your idea or situation. And let the fun begin. (Now if we only had more time!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Uncle Earl is getting younger

We now have available an improved Uncle Earl 2T head.  The head has been restored and a new jaw has been made to go with the Uncle Earl 2T head.

These improvements will make it easier for builders as less time will be spent sanding and filling imperfections.

To order the new head, go to

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hands Up

Due to worn molds on our 3T hands, we have had little to no inventory over the past couple of months.

Well, that has changed. We have made a new mold and have been casting hands to replenish the inventory on the 3T hands and for our 3T arms / hands items.

If interested, you can purchase the hands at (arms / hands) or (hands only).

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Retiring Head

We will be retiring one of our 3T sized heads at the end of this year. The head that is designed by Steve Barry (SB1) will no longer be sold after this year. 

The mold is worn and we do not have plans to remake the mold. If you are interested in purchasing this head, you can buy it on our web site at /

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Free triggers when you buy a head


Through October we are having a special. Buy one head and receive a pack of triggers free.

When you purchase a head from our website, we will throw in a pack of triggers free. The pack includes 5 triggers. Go to to view our heads.

The triggers are used with your control stick to manipulate the controls of your ventriloquist figure. See the example to the left.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

More on the synchro bars

Earlier we wrote about the multi-cavity models for the synchro bars. These advantage of this style of model is to allow us to pour multiple duplicated items at one time.

Well, here are the finished parts from the models.

We made the mold of the model and then cast the synchro bars. There are two types of bars. One is closed and the other has open ends. Shown below is an example of using the bar with springs for self centering eyes.

Above is an example of the bar in an actual application. The first photo shows the top view and the second photo shows the back view.

You can also cut them in half and use them as mouth axle rod holder in the mouth construction. Shown at the right  is an example of a cut bar.

These bars will be available soon. The size is for our 2T heads. We plan on making samples for our 3T heads. Check our website for availability.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sculpt your own head

Now available on our website is a large - 3T size blank head. This head is for all those sculptors who want to modify and sculpt a head to create a new character. Add Apoxie Sculpt, Magic Sculpt or Creative Clay to this head and create your own character. The facial characteristics are absent or minimal to allow you to enhance the facial features to your liking.

Lightweight, hollow cast head. Sand, cut, paint to your desired character. No mechanics or instructions are included. See FAQ's on our website for tips or reference sites.

EYES: 1.5 in.

Volume pricing is available.

Go to

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Getting in Synch

During the summer months, I try and take some time to update molds and models and work on new projects.  I have been working with a couple of builders discussing ideas on developing synchro bars for the eyes.

Kenny Croes has been working with a prototype bar that was quickly carved for the prototype period of development. During the testing period, other ideas are discussed with Kenny and other builders. Once we come to some conclusion, I go ahead and make a multi-cavity model that is computer generated.

Creating the model through a computer allows me to make multiple models that are exact copies. Creating a multi-cavity mold allows me to create many duplicates during a single  pouring.

Shown to the right is a photo of the computer generated synchro bar model. A mold will be created of this model. There are two different synchro bars in this model. These will be used for the 2T heads we sell on our site. Different builders had different ideas so we created the two most agreed upon models. One is a closed synchro bar and the other is open.

Once the model is created and the bars are poured, we will show you the final product.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Redesigned Eyes

It has been some time since the last post. We have been spending most of the time in the shop filling orders and doing some redesigns on some products.

One of the new designs is our 1.25" cast eyes. The shape is different and the quality is improved over our older style.

The new design has a flat back which helps with adding synchro bars or springs. Axle holes are pre-drilled so all you have to do is install your axle to your eye tray and you are done.

The finish is glossy white eliminating any painting or patching that you would need to do with wood ball kits.

Two eyeballs and iris is included with your order. General instructions are included.

Check out our website for more details and information on how to order.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sale on 2T Earl Heads

We have (3) 2T Uncle Earls left before we retire this mold. As a promotion, we now have this head on sale for $30. To buy this head at a great price, go to

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Suspending Custom Molds

Due to the backlog of work, we will not take on anymore custom mold work for awhile. Check back for further notices on when we plan to resume this segment of our business.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Custom Bodies

We do a lot of custom work for many builders. A recent project was to make custom bodies for a builder.

This body was a little unique as the rails are positioned inside the top rail and the dowels are positioned inside the bottom plate. The builder feels the limb attachments will give a more realistic look with the rails in this position. To make this project work, the rails and the dowels needed to be in alignment with the top and bottom plates.

How we approach all our custom jobs is to begin with gathering the information from the builder. Once we gather the information, we will draw up the parts on CAD. Two reasons for drawing the parts on CAD is to ensure the accuracy of the parts and to have a copy on file for future projects.

Next, we cut out all the parts and add the necessary details needed and requested by the builder. In this project, the builder wanted a rounded neck hole and a rounded top plate. The builder also requested that we carve his name and website on the base so the information is passed along with the finished project. We also routed out countersink slots for the dowels and the side rails. If the routing goes well, the construction goes smoothly.

Next we install the rails and dowels to the bottom plate. In the photo, you can see how the rails fits into the routed slot. Glue is added and we place a few finishing brads to secure the joint.

Once the bottom plate has the rails and dowels inserted, we proceed with the top plate. Glue and brads are used as well.

Once the body is constructed, we do a light sanding and package for shipment.

We have fun working on custom parts and always enjoy the challenge.

Thanks to Mike Palma for letting us share his custom body project. You can view Mike's work at

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Earl on Steroids

We now have for sale the Uncle Earl model head in a 3T size. Kenny Croes has sculpted a larger Uncle Earl figure which we now offer for sale on our website. We are designating this KC3.

The head is a hollow cast with a separate jaw. Easy to sand and paint. Click here for more information.

For those of you that like working with the 2T size figures, we still offer Uncle Earl in the smaller size. Click here for more information.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Braylu store coupon

5% off coupon through February 29th 2012. Enter the coupon code on our website at and get 5% off orders over $50.00

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New 2T armature head for sculpting

Now available on our website is a blank armature 2T size head. Go to to purchase. Buy 5 or more heads and receive 20% off of the regular price.

Many of you have asked for blank heads so you can sculpt your own character.

The facial characteristics have been minimized or removed to allow you to add to the blank head and create your own character.

A larger 3T size armature will be available soon.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New 3T Body design - Now available

We now have available on our website our new 3T body design.

The new design has a formed body top plate for wider chest opening and distinct shoulder joints.

This item is a wood body frame used in professional size figures. The large open back allows for plenty of room for the performer to move their hand and manipulate the controls. Pad or cover the body and attach limbs to the body.



TOP WIDTH: 5" x 10"

BASE WIDTH: 5" x 8"
FIGURE SIZE: 3T or 40"-42"



Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Kenny Croes 3T head now available

If you have been reading Kenny's blog, Vent into the Mic, he has been working on a new figure. We are now offering the casts of that head for sale on our site.

This figure, named KC2, has different eyes compared to the KC1 model we offer.

If interested, you can check out the details and purchase on our site at