Saturday, March 31, 2012

Suspending Custom Molds

Due to the backlog of work, we will not take on anymore custom mold work for awhile. Check back for further notices on when we plan to resume this segment of our business.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Custom Bodies

We do a lot of custom work for many builders. A recent project was to make custom bodies for a builder.

This body was a little unique as the rails are positioned inside the top rail and the dowels are positioned inside the bottom plate. The builder feels the limb attachments will give a more realistic look with the rails in this position. To make this project work, the rails and the dowels needed to be in alignment with the top and bottom plates.

How we approach all our custom jobs is to begin with gathering the information from the builder. Once we gather the information, we will draw up the parts on CAD. Two reasons for drawing the parts on CAD is to ensure the accuracy of the parts and to have a copy on file for future projects.

Next, we cut out all the parts and add the necessary details needed and requested by the builder. In this project, the builder wanted a rounded neck hole and a rounded top plate. The builder also requested that we carve his name and website on the base so the information is passed along with the finished project. We also routed out countersink slots for the dowels and the side rails. If the routing goes well, the construction goes smoothly.

Next we install the rails and dowels to the bottom plate. In the photo, you can see how the rails fits into the routed slot. Glue is added and we place a few finishing brads to secure the joint.

Once the bottom plate has the rails and dowels inserted, we proceed with the top plate. Glue and brads are used as well.

Once the body is constructed, we do a light sanding and package for shipment.

We have fun working on custom parts and always enjoy the challenge.

Thanks to Mike Palma for letting us share his custom body project. You can view Mike's work at

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Earl on Steroids

We now have for sale the Uncle Earl model head in a 3T size. Kenny Croes has sculpted a larger Uncle Earl figure which we now offer for sale on our website. We are designating this KC3.

The head is a hollow cast with a separate jaw. Easy to sand and paint. Click here for more information.

For those of you that like working with the 2T size figures, we still offer Uncle Earl in the smaller size. Click here for more information.