Sunday, October 28, 2012

I hear ya

We have had a few builders ask us if we have any ears for our standard 2T head or our armature 2T head. Well, thanks to your request, we now have some ears for sale on our website.

Here are the details

Lightweight, urethane cast ears. Perfect for our 2T size heads or similar heads that you are sculpting. Replace an existing ear or add tot our standard 2T or armature 2T head while creating your own character. The color is white so they can be painted to with latex or acrylic paint.No mechanics or instructions are included. See FAQ's for tips or reference sites.

TOP WIDTH: 1.25 in
BOTTOM WIDTH: ~ 0.75 in

USE WITH THE FOLLOWING OTHER ACCESSORIES:HEADS: 2T (Perfect for standard 2T or armature 2T heads) 

COLOR: White

Apply with glue or epoxy clay.

Chatting with the builders

One of my favorite things to do is to have a conversation with some of the figure makers that are using our parts. In almost every conversation, new ideas are discussed. Brainstorming, sketching and emailing back and forth leads to CAD designs, prototypes and final products.

Over the years, these conversations have resulted in many of the products we currently sell today. These conversations have resulted in numerous improvements to our products as well. Some of the ideas and products turn out to be big hit and others die a slow life.

Many times, when a builder has an idea, we already have the part developed. We have hundreds of designs, patterns and items in our archives. They include leg designs, body inserts, heads, and mechanical head parts to name a few. They are unaware of this because we do not list it on our site for sale for one reason or another.

We have discussed some of these ideas in the past on our blog or Facebook page. We hope to post more of these ideas or parts in the future.

Most importantly, drop us an email. Let's discuss your idea or situation. And let the fun begin. (Now if we only had more time!)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Uncle Earl is getting younger

We now have available an improved Uncle Earl 2T head.  The head has been restored and a new jaw has been made to go with the Uncle Earl 2T head.

These improvements will make it easier for builders as less time will be spent sanding and filling imperfections.

To order the new head, go to