Sunday, April 14, 2013

SHOP TIP: Eye Tray Supports

Eye supports

We have found that an easy way to position an eye tray is to place the eye tray on supports.

The photo at the right is a head with eye tray supports. Shown here is an angled plastic part that we cast in our shop. We temporarily place the eye tray in the head and mark where we would like to position the eye tray. Next, glue the support directly under the markings that you made for the tray. It is best to double check the position and angle by temporarily repositioning the eye tray on top of the supports.

There are some advantages to using the support:

  1. A cleaner look inside
  2. Allows you to place and remove your eye tray throughout construction and painting
  3. Provides you a platform to “fine tune” your placement of the eye tray

Shown below is the eye tray resting on top of the supports.
Eye tray with supports

We do not list the supports for sale on our site. If you are interested in receiving some supports, just include a note with your order and we will gladly include some with your order.

Friday, April 5, 2013

FAQ: When using epoxy clays with cast heads

FAQ of the day.

Question: When using Magic Sculpt, Apoxie Sculpt, Paperclay or Free Form Air do I need to do anything to make it stick to your cast parts?

Answer: Typically you do not have to do anything else when applying epoxy type modeling clays to make it stick to the urethane cast heads. However, some builders like to "scuff" up the area by doing a light sanding or drill small holes in the area of applicatio